Description : A self adhesive tape. specialy formulated low-ack adhesive, wh cli is water based with acrylic. L.D.P.E. Film is used as a Backing for this Tape because of its high clongation and low tensile properties. We can offer

Applications : The name self suggests the main application of this Tap:. It is uselul for protect Surface of Metal Sheets, PVC Foam Sheels, Formica, Wood, Auric 11, Precoated Metal Sheets and tolls, Acrylic sheets, Glass, ABS Plastics and many surfaces. Inis lape Prolects the I above surfaces from the DUST, SCRATCHES, CRACKS, WATER, SOLVENTS, OILS etc. it can produce in various varieties in Colours and Tack such as Low-ack, Medium-lack, and High-Tack as per the end application of the Customers.

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