Bopp package tapes

BOPP Packaging Tape (COLOUR & TRN)

Description : A quality product which is totally odourless which make them to deal choice for packing & sealing of Pharmaceuticals, Food products and a host of other consumer products. It is impervious to dust, moisture.
Liquids and is resistant to most acids, alkalis, fungi, and other corrosive elements. We can print any custorn designed message on it like ‘ HANDLE WITH CARE, TRAGILF, or the company’s. OGOS and names.

Applications : Applicable for Packing & Sealing for Corrugatec Boxes, Stationery purpose as well as househoid use. It ensures fast application & trouble free dispensing.


Description : This tape can oc just called as “ready to use adhesive tape in roll form. The tape have achesive coated to the both sides of the barrier i.e. tissue paper. It is much more useful in bonding two surfaces or semi permanent basis or in some cases for permanent bas s.

Applications : Bonds mos: material like metal, plastic, Cloth, Expaneled Foam etc. Idea for bording decorative items 01 various smooth surfaces & bonding of household electrical appliances, Polybags permanent bag closures, mounting of noveltics, Membrare keyboard, joining foams, trims ir atomobiles, metal labels, splic ng of paper and synthetic films.


Description : A versatile waterproof cloth tape, with outstanding resistance and toughness. The product has very good shelf life, high tensile strength, and good abrasion resistance.

Applications : The tapes are widely being used for key app icanons like flexo printing cylinders, sealing, ctc.


Description : Using imported crepe paper, which res sts synthetic anc acrylic paints, water, oil and so vents and specially developed adhesive to resist high temperature the application of this tape are very much useful in automobile industries.

Applications : For masking in paint shops, other kinds of masking application and also used for Specialty packaging. General purpose packing, Surface protection, Sack sealing, etc.


Description : A soft, ductile Aluminium foil in various thicknesses is used for this tape. Being soft and light in weight it is easy to handle. As it prevents neating as well as cooling losses the application of this tape comes both in thermal ard air conditioning app ications. Can be easily die-cut for applications in aud o systems, FCB’s and other electronic devices as wel as auta nobile industries.

Applications : On Air conditioner ducts, Steam pipes, solar devices etc. Die cut applications in electronic industry. Perfect moiste re & vapour barrier, Radiation prevention, Decoration purpose, Heat resistant, Masking in Powder Coating, Shielding in fler. Industries, Aircraft paint stripping, etc.


Description : A double-faced tape based on cotton fabrics with very high tack adhesive. An interlinear is laminated to one face of the tape to help application of the tape. Seing a cloth very flex pic toe applications of this cape is very high.

Applications : Useful in mounting of Stereo in Flexo graphic Printing, Textile Printing, Carpet Fixing, Holding of Plastic Articles, etc.


Description : A very high tack, high bond tape for general purpose bonding applications. Finds good use in manufacture of household items. Can be casily cut into desired shapes. Available in a choice of liners siliconisca paper or silicon sed Pet film.

Applications : Sticking household items Die-cut shapes. For cautioning, sound damping, insulation and similar applications. Perfect moisture & vapor bair er. Racation prevention, Heal esislarl. Applied as a gasetng in industrial panels & guss door.


Description : A self adhesive tape. specialy formulated low-ack adhesive, wh cli is water based with acrylic. L.D.P.E. Film is used as a Backing for this Tape because of its high clongation and low tensile properties. We can offer

Applications : The name self suggests the main application of this Tap:. It is uselul for protect Surface of Metal Sheets, PVC Foam Sheels, Formica, Wood, Auric 11, Precoated Metal Sheets and tolls, Acrylic sheets, Glass, ABS Plastics and many surfaces. Inis lape Prolects the I above surfaces from the DUST, SCRATCHES, CRACKS, WATER, SOLVENTS, OILS etc. it can produce in various varieties in Colours and Tack such as Low-ack, Medium-lack, and High-Tack as per the end application of the Customers.


Description : 1) Punctureresistant self-adhesive film for temporary protectionof carpets/hard floor and glass or windowagainst dirt and spills

2) Leavesnoresiduewhenpeeledfromsurfaceforupto45day


Applications : 1. Prepare the Surface:*Ensure thesurface isclean andfree ofdust and debris.

2.CuttheFilm:*Measuretheareayouwishtoprotectandcutthefilmtothedesiredlength,leavinganextrainchortwo for overlap on each side.

3.PeelandStick:*Removethefilmtoexposetheadhesiveside.Startatoneendofandgentlypressthefilmdown,allowing ittoadheresmoothlyasyouunrollitacrossthesurface.It’scrucialtoavoidairbubblesorwrinkles.

4.SecuretheEdges:*Oncethefilmisinplace,usearollerorasimilartooltofirmlypressdowntheedgesandseamsto ensure a secure bond.


6. UsewithCaution:* Walkonthe protectedareacarefully, especiallyjustafter application,to allowtheadhesive toset.

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